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you're watching fox news all american new year! >> one hour from now, one hour from 2013. they did a good job. >> it's very enthusiastic. >> good evening, america. welcome to our all american new years i'm live here in the heart of times square. >> hi sh everybody. happy new year, thank you for being here with us. for more than 100 years they've dropped the ball on midnight each new year's eve. we're joined about about a million people here. with a billion people watching this thing on television sets around the world. >> this is the place to be. everybody is waiting to see what new york does when the clock strikes midnight in one hour, we're watching two countdowns tonight.
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one up there, one here, the first one going to be more fun that. is where we start start. >> and you probably sensed we weren't going to see the fiscal cliff. >> i didn't say fiscal cliff. >> that was a reverence to the cliff. >> the word fiscal and cliff did not emerge from my lips. >> and in tonight's show we're going to have pat benetar. >> you're going to love her, and a million dollar performance behind us, one of the greatest musical events of all time. >> do you know what that is? >> the king is here. >> that is a hint. >> please, an all star line up of fox talent including maria molina and what would new year's eve westbound out our guy? 11,000 babies will be born on new year's eve. think about that.
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what a great birthday. hopefully on the ground that, is not where greg gut feld will find himself tonight. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. 11,000 babies that will all look like bob beckel. scary. don't you think? >> scary. >> i'm seeing a lot of famous people. i thought i saw pierce morgan. it was a discarded lampe. my mistake. very questions i want to skt crowd. how are you doing sni want to ask you. what is confetti made out of? >> i don't know. >> it's not paper. it's confetti is made from the hair of dead clowns. it's true. another question? another question. what animal is the ball closest to in size? >> whale! >> elephant. >> it is the elephant. curiously enough i told bill
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hammer that. he said won't it be great if we dropped an elephant instead. i said bill, you're crazy. he said it would be awesome. i said hammer you're a sick, sick man. you should northbound prison. >> i'm just saying try it one year. >> and you know what? can i ask more questions? >> you may. >> i've got one more question. how many collecting trucks are there to pick up garbage tonight? >> 200. >> there are 22 garbage trucks collecting trucks picking up garage tonight and one jet for kathy griffin. hard to believe. >> we'll look for that, too. along with the whale. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you greg. >> thank you. >> confetti we learned is made out of former prison records and social security records they rain down among the people. we'll bring that to you tomorrow on fox news channel. a little more than eight hours
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ago nypd started directing spectateors here in times square. they come in buses and then, release them, then they run like lives depend on it it's an amazing thing. every year, too. they stand there three hours before the opening ceremonies and then, it's a six-hour party. >> and can't drink, can't go to the bathroom. can't do anything. >> hi, kimberly. >> hi, guys happy new year. >> happy new year. so i've got great people here with me. a lovely couple having a romantic night. let's meet them. all right. yes. what are you doing here? >> we decided you only get one chance to come to times square. that is what we're doing. >> this is pau. they've been dating six months. i told them they should speed it up.
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they're living in different states. i told them from experience, long distance doesn't work. marriage number one. >> nice. happy new year. >> well done. >> yes. >> happy new year. >> last year she got folks to propose. >> we saw a proposal tonight. >> we did. >> off camera. >> you and i did. >> you said not romantic. we saw one, walking down step autos there will be many. >> he got down on a knee. she cried it and was beautiful. >> i believe you. >> take my word for it. >> last year it was 46 out here. it was balmy. >> we almost took our coats off it wasn't bad. >> that was the outfit you're going wear tonight. wardrobe called and said no. >> think again. >> that was the year that your eye lids were freezing. >> and had ice in them. >> a brutal night. >> yes. >> so far, so good. coldest record new year's temperature was seven below.
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back in 1917. and warmest was 63 degrees in 1965. bill and i got snowed on three years ago. >> it's okay. it has yet to rain. six or seven years. >> and right on. no tents are will youed down here. >> no heaters. >> on that note, fox weather caster maria keeping warm with the crowd. what is going on, maria? >> hi, good to see you guys and good to be down here, once again, for new year's eve for 2013 coming up very shortly. do you know what? like you're saying it's not too bad today, temperatures here in mid-30s. wind is not too bad that. is the key point. because when you're higher up, this morning i was with times square ball 20 stories high. it was very cold outside. the wind make things ba.d not too bad. a lot of people out here today enjoying temperatures in mid-30s. last year was much warmer as
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you mentioned, in the mid-40s but today it's looking g dry out here. there is a storm further off course but bringing in rain across portions of texas up into western parts of tennessee. those people will need to use umbrellas but here in new york city it's a beautiful evening. we're going to be enjoying it tonight. back to you. >> that is what we care about. thank you. i have a secret weapon by the way this time of the year. >> what is it?. >> i'll tell you later. i'm experimenting to see whether or not it will keep me warmer than usual. >> oh. okay. >> we'll look forward to that. >> yes. you will. >> still ahead some thoughts on 2013 from shepherd smith, bret baier and fox and friends team and pat benetar shares one of her popular songs. >> and from the heart of broadway to our stage. >> what? >> what? >> i told you, it's warm tonight. it's okay. >> a million people are here
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and we're with you and home, too. happy new year, everybody. we roll on, straight ahead on 2013 on the fox news channel. >> hi, looking forward to seeing you guys soon. happy holidays, to taco tuesday crew. shout out to las vegas. >> hi this, is anthony welsh from kabul afghanistan. shout out to my wife and daughter. happy holidays and i hope to see you soon. >> [ cellphone chirping ] [ buzzing ] bye dad. drive safe. k. love you. [ chirping, buzzing continues ] [ horn honks ] [ buzzing continues ] [ male announcer ] the sprint drive first app. blocks and replies to texts while you drive.
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happy new year we're off today as you know. fox sports studio b and people who run fox sports studio b. the people i work are off today. most of them. sorry. but we wish you and yours a very happy new year and bill, and everybody behind the scenes, here is to a great 2013. i'll see you in just a few days. >> nice. >> thank you, shepherd. >> i was just trying to give a shout without gloves. i think i can make it as long as i have these, these are important. welcome back everybody. nice spot from shepherd smith and a great krout in times square. we've gathered a big chunk of the 40 million people. >> come on because we need the money in new york city.
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times square adds $110 billion. >> that is big. >> incredible when you consider 10-12 city blocks every year. >> and right now, anna. >> nice. >> wow. >> great time. it's about to be a new year. and a new you. a billion people are packed in to times square. some have been out here since early this mosh morning. there is hardly anywhere to use the rest room. it's freezing cold and windy. these folks came from itally. are you having a good time? >> yes. freezing here but we're so excited. >> good deal. you know there are tl is so much history n 1904 was the first new year's eve celebration here and the first year a subway line was opened in the big apple. the big apple would not be the big apple without the subway system. nypd won't give us the exact number of boots on the ground but k 9 unit is here.
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happy new year who did you bring along? >> this is ellis doing explosion detection work. >> he is a good doggy. happy new year, i'm going put my glasses on. about 3:00 this afternoon, the -- which way did they go? times square lights started handing these out. 50 tons of goodies are going to be piled up. back to you. megyn and bill are live ot at at times square stage. >> welcome back. million dollar quartet is based on a true story, a recording session brought together elvis presley, johnny cash, jerry lee lewis and carl perkins. >> unbelievable. >> imagine being in that room. >> we give you million dollar quartet. ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] because because
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because because ♪. ♪ [ music ] . >> you can do anything but stay off of my blue suede shoes. ♪ [ music ] . >> nice. nice. well done. those guys are terrific. tell me elvis doesn't look like a young elvis presley. he's just a kid from arkansas. check it out. if you haven't seen it. >> good stuff. >> times square ball is not the only light catching the eye of new yorkers tonight. building is showing off the new l.e.d.system. look. it's sparkling. 17 million color possibilities.
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the old lights came in only 10 colors, a beautiful sight. >> it's super cool. next time you're in new york check that out. they test that had thing on thanksgiving night. nobody noticed. still ahead, an amazing performance from a woman with a ton of talent selling more than 30 million records, she is sarah brightman, live ahead when we continue from times square. 44 minutes to go. >> hello. happy holidays to my family and friends in maryland. >> greetings from afghanistan. i want to say happy holidays to my wife. i love you very much. excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill.
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did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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happy new year, everybody from happening now crew. here comes lucky number 13, my new year's resolution to get john scott to do a test motor. come on, john. >> maybe. >> 2013? >> could be the year. >> you can't change the past. i didn't enter in 2012 but there is always the future that you can alter. >> good pint. >> happy new year, eefsh nicely done. thank you. wonderful colleagues but both. i feel the wind shifting. do you? >> before it was okay. when it comes from this direction down 7th avenue, we're in trouble. >> it's fun for people at home braving these temperatures in 20 miles per hour winds we do it so you don't have to. john scott gets ready for his debut performance. we've got new year crowds ready for anything as well.
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>> we've got to go to the co-host of the five right here, kimberly who i believe, yes she s she's live. >> hi, kim. >> with ryan reid we're having a great time. we just escaped that soccer break up in the van. say hi. >> hey, megyn bill. kimberly just hit on me and asked me if i was married. >> i was trying to find a proposal but thought i'd take one myself. >> we heard they're going to make a lot of bob beckel looking babies later. >> that is an ugly thought. >> he was a cute baby right? >> absolutely. >> i don't think proposal is the way to go but the new year's eve divorce. >> that is the new thing. you have a divorce party. >> sure. five, four, i'm seeing your cousin. >> what? >> exactly we're going to let
8:23 pm
you know how this works out laitder. >> nice. take a picture. >> before you go, very to ask you quickly. i have to ask you if a proposal comes to you on new year's eve in times square is it cheesey or great? >> i think it's fantastic. i'm all about love. pro pose away is what i say. >> all right. >> you don't want to know where her hand is now. >> he asked me if i had money. he wants to marry me for my money. i don't know. >> we'll go back to them after midnight. >> right on. after the kids go to bed. >> kimberly, stay cool. we'll be back to you in just a moment. >> our next guest, one of her first songs was a second video ever aired on a brand new cable network called mtv. >> pat benatar is rocking new
8:24 pm
year's eve in new york city. ball drop coming up. 38 minutes and counting. >> i'm near safe began stan. i want to say to my mom, little brother and grandmother in new orleans happy holidays. and see you guys soon.
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from all of us here in washington happy new year to men and women serving in the u.s. military thank you for your service and sacrifice and also for your families. especially if you're serving away from home and overseas. into a fantastic 2013 that is fair, balanced and unafraid. >> nicely done, bret. >> well done. >> bret lives in that room, by wait. >> they never let him out of there. >> they change the background, that is where he lives. his family comes to visit him interest tl in the studio. >> that is what happens when you sign up to work in the washington, d.c. bureau. it happened to me three years. >> you never have to wear a nice full outfit just a nice top. >> jeans and shorts it was almost 40 years ago a bank teller in richmond virginia decided to quit her job and
8:28 pm
pursue her dream of becoming a singer. >> five years later the brooklyn born woman landed a record contract, would go on to be one of the most successful female rockers. >> amazing. >> think about that on new year's eve. fill fulling your dream, following your heart. she's still touring today, here now from our fox news channel stage, pat benetar. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] ac.
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> i mean, really. you know? >> great job. >> really. she and her husband, they are great people and have been really good friends with fox. and cool to see them still out there. >> she looks fantastic. >> fantastic. he looks great. >> tell them your story. >> no. later. later. >> bill used to pretend he was neil and what was the girl's name? pat? >> her name was christie. >> yeah. yeah. >> they had a high school love. he would be neil.
8:35 pm
she would be pat. they'd -- . >> it's a great day. on the 8 track. we're transition of the evening. love is not the only battlefield we're talking about tonight. >> love. >> how do you call that love? >> we tried not to do it. >> we didn't want to do it. >> your friends down in washington, they made us do this. >> yes. >> because that is it. the other battlefield. >> here we go, washington update on the fc. and as we mentioned we're following two countdowns right now. doug mcelway, i'm sorry. i have to be here, on new year's eve. >> we hope your families, we know your family is in a better place. >> can you like fed yechl me a hip flask or something like that? >> you and everyone in that town need it like that. >> i think there is additional brandy somewhere here. >> feels so wrong. >> i'm going to bring you up
8:36 pm
to date on this stuff. the senate is in recess now subject to a call. when the session resumes probably about the same time the ball drops we expect a vote on a bill to avert the fiscal cliff. one that has bipartisan support is how apparently washington likes to celebrate new year's eve, 2013. listen to joe biden. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> that, that has been happy new year, nobody here seem that's thrilled with celebrating new year's eve this he way with the light on. nor with the bill that has been crafted. selling this measure to extreme wing of both parties may be difficult. sharon brown a liberal democrat says he's a yes vote. saying it's imperfect but addresses key sticking point.
8:37 pm
>> we need to protect american families and job creators from this looming tax hike. everyone agrees that that action is necessary. and i can rrt that we've reached an agreement on all of the tax, the tax issues. >> so, why the delay the senate vote tonight? according to senate majority leader they still have to get a price tag from congressional budget office. as to the rest of the substance of the bill here is what we know. the measure raising taxes by $600 billion over 10 years compared with policies that expire midnight monday and would delay would two months those spending cuts slashing the budgets of the pentagon and a lot of domestic programs as well. and we've got a lot of other highlights but get down into the weeds and it's virtually unfathomable especially if you've hd a bottle of champagne or two.
8:38 pm
>> tailor swift just came on the stage behind us. >> is it over? >> base ond what we heard today, her taxes are going up, she's not happy bit. >> doug, god bless you for being here as late as you are. it's not our fault. >> it's true. >> you come back if there is news, okay? thank you. >> okay. >> happy new year to you. >> and people who are staying home now, watching times square on new year's eve, do they want to hear about the fc? >> it's a huge deal. >> i know. but it's new year's eve. >> it's important. >> can we just have one night not bother bid those people down in washington? >> i think fantasy is that for to us think they'll get it done. on time. >> let's skt crowd here in times square. how do you feel about us not talking about the fiscal cliff anymore? >> woe, that is great. >> look. look. look how happy they are.
8:39 pm
>> that is the moment of the night. yes. >> that is what we thought. up next, one of the greatest stories of rock history will play out on our times square stage. >> that is right. we're 22 minutes from the big ball drop. all american new year's eve is become in three minutes, 2013 is that far away. >> hi, i'm in afghanistan and want to say hi to family in new jersey my wife and daughter. happy holidays i'll be home, soon. >> hi. i want say happy holidays to my family and friends in california and hi to my husband, bill, my kids, i love you. i miss you. see you guys soon. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand,
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touch acquiring nfc. hearing evolving with beats audio. wireless charging activated. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself. i get i'm supposed to be the one wishing you a prosperus new year. more important to me is that it's an enriching year for you. you hug your family closer keep your friends tighter enjoy special moments more. do you that and you have all of that, i guarantee you, it's going to be a priceless new year. make it special. happy new year. >> yeah. we will. >> nice thoughts perfect from
8:43 pm
neil cavuto there. >> back in 1956 elvis presley walked into a recording studio found the manner of blue suede shoes. >> a guy by the name of johnny cash stopped by. what happened next will be a legend and today a hit broadway show. more now from the million dollar quartet. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
8:44 pm
♪ [ music ] buz buz buz buz ♪ [ music ] . >> shake, baby shake. ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
8:45 pm
>> are you ready out there? just wiggle it around! that is when you know you've got to shake! if you ain't got nothing by then, let us know just hang it up. you ain't going to get nothing. are you ready? ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
8:46 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> i'm shaking it. nicely done. i guess the meeting was there, four guys walking through there, right? 15 minutes in the big ball drops. >> still ahead greg gut feld, sarah brightman and a lot of shaking here, don't go away. >> hi. i'm out here in afghanistan. i'd like to wish happy holidays to my husband, dennis, my son, joshua and friends in north carolina. love you all, i miss you and see you soon.
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we're almost there, you know? 12 minutes to 13. >> say goodbye to 12. >> right on. >> when vh 1 put together a list of 100 best hard rock songs this was an easy pick. >> i think you're going to
8:50 pm
agree. warming us up is pat benatar back with a red hot performance of "heart breaker". ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] because because. ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] because because ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] because because. ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . wow. >> nicely done. >> hot dog. well done. >> incredible. >> well done, neil, pat. happy new year to you both. >> thank you very much. >> so the mayor is out here. >> he's got his american flag hair on. >> he wears it every year.
8:58 pm
>> surrounded by some dancers from radio city music hall. we are three short minutes away. >> this is one of my favorite moments of the night. they're playing john lennon's "imagine". you've got a million people, everybody knows this song. they know the tune. they listen this, is the build up. last moments of what has been a roughor for a lot of people. 2013 anything is possible. bill. >> i tell you. i felt like we said that a year ago like good riddance to 2011. >> think about six years we've been doing this. how many tough times we've seen up until this point. >> i think 2012 had as many challenges as 2011 i'm theer say good riddance to 2012 as well. >> i couldn't agree more. >> let's welcome a new chapter and start anew.
8:59 pm
>> it ended so sadly, too. with the tragedy in newtown, which i know you covered beautifully. but you think about families out there hurting you and just think, count your blessings on a night like tonight. count your blessings to be with your family, to be safe and to have love and in f.not, turning a page in which you can find those things. >> i drove back into new york city two weeks ago tonight after spending time in newtown. and sandy hook. i just think millions and i speak on behalf of millions of americans just more grateful to have their family and good friends close to them, especially because of what happened there two and a half weeks ago. moving forward and live does this time as well, we hope and pray for better days. happy new year. >> that is the number one new year's resolution to spend more time with their family. and their friends in 2013. and weight loss is a close second.
9:00 pm
>> here's to that, too. here we go. buckle up. >> check out the big ball. goitsing to fall in 60 seconds. you can kiss 2012 goodbye. 45 seconds. there go the fire works. there you go. 20. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! happy new year!
9:01 pm
yeah! >> looking good. >> wow they changed confetti. >> it's bigger. like big snowy flakes all over the place. >> we've got fire works coming down. ready? >> start the big race. >> look at that at the american flag. it's pretty.
9:02 pm
>> every year they say... remember, every year,. >> every year you disobey. >> happy new year. >> look at that. >> we've got the mayor here and this is a nice looking shot there. tailor swift was on stage just a moment ago. a million people who have come from all over the world to be in the cross roads of america, the cross roads of the world, times square. you can walk up and down here finding people who are english is their second or third language. it's remarkable. they want to mark this point in live. >> it's this moment. everybody waiting eight hours for. >> just to be here with confetti, fire works and million people, and singing. and konts yerts, it's something.
9:03 pm
>> look at the balloons just one. >> look at that. they've got -- look up. >> oh! there are the people. >> those rockettes need to move their legs. it's chilly out here. do you know what i'm say something. >> they must be freezing. >> ewww! too much! >> put it back in! >> here we go.
9:04 pm
>> that is! >> awww. >> wow. >> 2013. every time that number goes away, it's like wow. >> new start. >> that is right. >> what a -- .
9:05 pm
>> it's the most hopeful of the holidays. people make resolutions and they may break them within a week. it's an impression of optimism. you can change your life. >> give it a shot. >> yes. and it's like it's a recognition sort of you are our own mortality. one of the benefits of knowing about your own mortality is that you will change your life. have you to change your life if you're unhappy. it's a vote in favor of happiness. i have control. i can find happiness if i try. >> that when you see a man in uniform it's times square. >> at this time i want to wish my brother and sister-in-law happy anniversary. and their three beautiful kids so wonderful. they were married 13 years ago on the millennium. >> right. happy anniversary and yes. >> all right. kimberly hanging out down there. what's happening? >> hey, guys happy new year.
9:06 pm
what a way to start off 2013. every year i wonder can it get better? and it does. say happy new year, boys. >> happy new year! >> and happy new year to you, bill. and to megyn and your family. >> thank you kimberly. we'll keep looking for that stuff. that special guest down there she's looking for. >> just to say happy birthday to my husband and my mother-in-law is with them. >> nice. >> we're lucky you know? really lucky people. >> amen. >> what was your secret in keeping warm tonight? >> i had none. >> i got you. >> and you know there are hand
9:07 pm
warmers right? >> i know. i got him. >> i was out in ohio. we got caught up in sandy back wash. we bought these body warmers i said those things don't work. and sure enough, man, they work great. >> what are they? >> packets about four times the size of those. put them on the front and back. you're nice and toasty. >> they don't burn you no. i'm good. >> you put them on the skin? >> no. outside of the shirt. >> you're sharing secrets. he's revealing body warmers and look. the crew has been out here since 7:00 or 8:00 with these wheels. >> so i took. >> and hammer ate them. he ate their meals. >> look. i had a double sinus infection 12 days. i'm loaded up on cold medicine. >> anna, happy new year to you.
9:08 pm
>> i'm right here, happy new year to you as well. >> we're in the bow tie of times square listening to as i think to myself what a wonderful world. that is what folks are thinking. it's a tough year for people, whether economy, jobless loss, super storm sandy or shooting at sandy hook, it's a time for new gings and everybody getting over the making out. this couple came from washington, d.c.. >> yes. we did. >> tell me your name. >> i'm paul my wife is claudia. >> what is your resolution for 2013? >> have more fun and adventures together and spread joy wherever we go. >> you're start ofg on the right foot in the heart of times square. >> yes. no better place to be than new york on new year's eve. >> what are you going to be eating tomorrow? good luck sneel. >> petesa. new york pizza. >> collard greens is what i
9:09 pm
like. that is what we do. i'm from the south. >> happy new year. >> if you're going to try to weasel out of it next year i'm not going to let you what is with the kissing at midnight. what is with the tongue? that is way too much public display of affection. >> even for cable. >> maria, where are you tonight? happy new year. >> i have no idea. i'm in times square. everyone out here, happy happy new year to my family in florida and my family as well. was this all you thought it would be? was it worth it? >> everything i thought it would be. only place i'd rather be right now. >> amazing so glad you're having a great time. happy new year. >> happy new year from
9:10 pm
mississippi! >> i am so excited. >> happy new year. >> great to have you back. >> well done. >> thank you. >> so now, billions watched the ball drop. washington lawmakers with a bigger ball of their own. all on their own. >> they make us do this. >> we're doing it under protest. >> i to not say fiscal cliff. >> voices say read the prompter. the prommer says the white house had agreed on a plan to prevent taxes going up. the deadline passed. where do we stand? >> what is going on? >> the vice president going to come out? did they? no.
9:11 pm
this is the city we live n the ultimate contrast. this is dullsville. we're waiting for the senate reset to end. acting slowly. we have been told not to expect votes and perhaps until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. most indicators are that it stands a good chance of passage in the senate. last word we got came from vice president joe biden. just minutes ago. here is the vice president. >> i feel very good about how is vote is going to go. having been in the senate, there are two things you shouldn't do. you shouldn't predict how the senate is going vote before they vote. you won't make a lot of money. two, you shouldn't predict how the house is going to vote. >> house will not vote on this fiscal cliff bill until tomorrow. we've heard from the house leadership that this bill will
9:12 pm
not be voted on there until voted n in the senate. not until house leadership has had time to review the bill. tax on high income earners, it will produce $620 billion in revenue. unemployment eninsurance, $30 billion from one year, not going to be paid for with other costs. there are no spending cuts in this bill that. is going to happen -- have to be taken up at a later date. so big question mark whether or not the house, republican led house is going to go for that. back to you. >> a vote at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning >> correct. in the morning. >> yes. >> i'll be here. >> can we talk about something else now? >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> here we are somewhere over the rainbow. it's kind of fitting. >> yes.
9:13 pm
>> searching for a pot of gold. >> who wants to talk about that? let's talk about we're going to change everything. lose that five pounds, we're going to go to the gym, exercise. >> spend more time in the family and friends. remember what is important in life! up next lnz. >> at least for the first week. >> an aamazing performanceance from sarah brightman. she has one beautiful voice. happy new year! wish friends and family a happy holidays. i love you. i miss you. see you soon. [ cheeping ] [ male announcer ] you hear that?
9:14 pm
that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it. so, what if instead of just a cheap choice, you could make a smart choice? like, esurance for example. they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. it's what they've always done. not just something they cheap about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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9:17 pm
16 minutes in 2013. cold out here. >> it's funky when you see the new number. you see 2013. >> i know. 13 has that i don't know how i feel bit. >> it could be lumy -- lucky 13. >> it's moving forward. it's better than alternative. next is a tall yenlted performer and singer gaining recognition for her starring roles in classics such as "phantom of the opera" and "cats". >> now, sarah brightman.
9:18 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
9:19 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] $ózuñeú[q .
9:20 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
9:21 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] .
9:22 pm
>> i tell you what. i mean, she's some kind of talent. wow. what a voice. >> amazing. >> sarah brightman, well done. >> they don't let you star infant yom of the opera unless you get the high notes. >> they told you not to sing. >> yes. >> they're too hard on you. they're talking about bills they don't want to see in washington. they don't want to see this bill or that bill. >> maybe not here. but... >> right. i take it back. >> i appreciate that. as long as you sing and drown me out it's good for me. >> in just minutes sarah will be back with a special performance to end your holiday season. >> stay tuned for that. >> happy new year! that's doubles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it?
9:23 pm
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9:25 pm
happy new year from everyone here on the record. have a great 2013. >> thank you, greta.
9:26 pm
thank you, greta. happy new year to you. >> they're spending more time in times square this year, they're not running out. it's like they're frolicking in confetti on the ground rolling around in confetti. and it's bigger. >> yes. like what we talked about earlier, happy new year to mom and dad. you know you're up, watching. everybody is watching. so happy new year, make it a great 2013. >> nice, same wishes to my family. i don't think they're up, watching. >> come on. dougy fresh is watching. >> but my mom is asleep. but we're live, my sister is watching. happy new year. >> shall we say happy new year! >> we goit right. >> i've been trying to get that 90 minutes now. >> i left you hanging many times.
9:27 pm
>> do you know what snels we have to thank viewers. it's been a great year thanks to you. we're very grateful. we love spending our new year's eve with you and you. >> and you too,. >> this is our one-year anniversary. every year we get to spend an evening together put on body warmers wait that, is you. how many layers do you have on. >> you're not going to go back once i know show thu. >> i've got tank top, under armor, sweater, tee shirt. >> two long johns, socks, tee shirt, under armor, nike and then, like a sweat thing. >> wow. >> what is that called?. >> help me. i'm giving you clue autos something you wear to work out in. >> then, a coat and scarf. >> this is the first year bill
9:28 pm
convince need wear these. it was too worried about looking good. >> from day one. >> i should have been listening to you. god bless you and your wisdom. >> music to my ear autos thank you. >> that was my new year's. >> that was your present. >> all in one. >> one more time, thank you for a great year and everybody out there. make it a wonderful 2013. lord knows we've had a lot of challenges so happy new year to you. >> happy new year, we leave you now with sarah brightman singing "silent night".
9:29 pm
♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ]

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